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Saratoga Forest Management

Every investment is unique, complex or multi-faceted in its own way.  In general however, key elements are factored into each investment the firm may undertake:

  • Restructuring prospects for the business
  • Strength of existing management team
  • Strong customer service component to product or service
  • Multiple growth opportunities for the business
  • Equity investment of $5 million - $20 million (although larger deals may be considered)
  • Strong preference for control but will consider minority stake positions in select situations
  • Ability to support debt through restructured operating cash flow
  • Multiple exit options

Areas of particular interest include but are not limited to:

  • Specialty manufacturing and assembly
  • Logistics / freight management
  • Automotive salvage
  • Automotive aftermarket products
  • Software based enterprises
  • Aircraft/helicopter maintenance and services
  • Basic materials